“You Are Not Alone” Campaign

When you or a loved one experience unwanted health events that you think may relate to a COVID-19 inoculation it can be very traumatic, and devastating if someone dies. It is especially unjust and unacceptable when you cannot get the acknowledgment that you may have suffered an adverse event from the inoculation and the medical help to investigate it and deal with it.

At CAERS we want you to know that You Are Not Alone.

Many who have suffered an injury are afraid to speak up and they need your help to know that THEY are not alone either. Let’s help break the silence and the stigma around vaccine injuries so that we can identify and help those who want to get their lives back to normal!

Share your story

The ‘You Are Not Alone’ campaign was launched to create a greater awareness of the damaging effects of the COVID-19 inoculation. Your story will help to expose the truth — and that helps everyone!

Here’s how:

    1. Take a head and shoulders photo of yourself facing the camera similar to our sample photo.
    2. Fill out the form below.
    3. We’ll share them on our website and our social media platforms.
Sample Portrait