You Are Not Alone

Craig from British Columbia

Craig was following all of the latest research at the time the first vaccines were available in April 2021. The media, as well as some scientific publications, were talking about “super-immunity”. They claimed that if you previously had C19 and then had only one shot of the mRNA vaccine, you would have super-immunity. Because Craig wanted to have this immunity, he chose to take the inoculation.

Immediately after receiving the inoculation, Craig experienced extreme dizziness, but recovered from that within 2 days. Sixty days later however, he started to feel badly, and about 90 days after the inoculation, he was in real trouble.

Craig’s Bachelor of Science degree in research design and data analysis has certainly helped him with his research into the pandemic, but he explains that we are all capable of doing our own research. The information is out there if we take the time to look for it. His emphasis on naturally acquired immunity is extremely important, and he points out that the authorities rarely spoke of this to the public.

In medical practice, doctors often do blood tests to check a patient’s immune status. If it is shown that the patient has antibodies—whether they were acquired naturally through infection or artificially through a vaccine—vaccine’s were not given. Most doctors know that naturally acquired immunity is better, because it doesn’t just include humoral immunity (antibodies), but cellular immunity as well.

It’s time the authorities explain this to the public, as clearly as Craig explained it to us.