You Are Not Alone

Claudia from Ontario

Claudia Adverse Events

Claudia received her first Pfizer inoculation on October 4, 2021 and soon after began to experience debilitating adverse events.

It started with paresthesia (tingling, numbness, pain) in her left calf, which caused sleepless nights.

After about a week post-inoculation, she experienced vertigo and was dizzy 24/7 and then persisted intermittently. and was triggered by being in stores or any open area. She was afraid to go anywhere, and had never been dizzy before in her life.

Claudia had intense headaches that were not affected by over the counter painkillers and was acutely sensitive to lights and noise. They would continue for days, accompanied by nerve pain and throbbing.

She was affected by entire body malaise, which included a racing heart that forced her to stay bedridden for weeks. She explains that she had severe fear and anxiety, expecting to die any day . . . she would kiss her 3 kids hoping she would be able to see them grow up.

Claudia’s second Pfizer inoculation was on December 2, 2021, which was followed by two months of suffering severe nausea and gut sensitivity together with even more adverse events, such as:

  • More intense headaches, accompanied by nerve pain and constant pressure around her temples, stabbing pain in the back of her head, neck, sinuses and teeth. Her sinuses had a feeling of electricity or magnetism.
  • Tremor episodes that were triggered by bright lights, loud noises, changes in emotion and even her children playing.
  • Twitching in her eyes, lips, leg muscles, and head.
  • Blurred vision, and loss of the ability to focus her eyes.
  • Short-term memory loss, and her speech became jumbled. Her thinking speed reduced drastically as well.
  • Burning sensation in her ears, blood vessels, tongue and eyes as well as inside her brain and ear canals.
  • Hair loss
  • Chest pain
  • Painful and swollen lymph nodes behind her ears.

Still, one year after the inoculations, many of Claudia’s symptoms remain and she is continuing to battle this terrifying experience. However, she has found strength in Christ and is hopeful for a full recovery.