Canadian Adverse Events Reporting System

The CAERS system is available to be filled out by you or your healthcare practitioner — for yourself, your under 18 dependent, or a family member who has passed away as a result of the COVID-19 inoculation


What is CAERS?

An independent reporting system created by Canadians for Canadians

CAERS stands for Canadian Adverse Event Reporting System — a COVID-19 inoculation adverse event reporting system, separate from government and public health agencies.

We are determined to provide an accurate depiction of possible adverse events that individuals have experienced due to the COVID-19 inoculation program.

In addition to providing an alternative to Health Canada’s flawed reporting system, CAERS is seeking to facilitate treatment, legal actions, testimonies and independent data analysis at the National Citizens’ Inquiry across Canada.

We provide a safe place where your story will be heard and your experiences documented in a secure and confidential manner. If you have consented to further evaluation, you will be contacted by a member of our team.

Your story is valid and you are not alone.

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National Inquiry Petition Form

Please go to the National Citizens’ Inquiry website and complete the petition form to express support for a national independent citizen-led Inquiry into Canada’s response to COVID-19.

Latest Adverse Event Stories

Jo-Ann from Alberta

Jo-Ann from Alberta

Jo-Ann had severe anaphylactic reactions to past vaccinations and was understandably apprehensive about receiving the mandated C19 inoculation. She applied for medical exemption, but despite her proof of past experiences, authorities insisted she was fit to get the...

Thesa from British Columbia

Thesa from British Columbia

Thesa, a healthy 33 year old mental health counselor, didn’t think twice about getting the C19 inoculation in April 2021. In fact, it wasn’t until she experienced chest pains and heart palpitations months later, that she started to think she was experiencing adverse...

Claudia from Ontario

Claudia from Ontario

Claudia received her first Pfizer inoculation on October 4, 2021 and soon after began to experience debilitating adverse events. It started with paresthesia (tingling, numbness, pain) in her left calf, which caused sleepless nights. After about a week...

Meredith from Ontario

Meredith from Ontario

Meredith is a kind soul, and like many Canadians, did what she was told—or coerced—to do. She was subsequently injured, and found herself with no one to help her. No one should suffer through being gas lit and getting no help from the Canadian government or health...

Carrie from Alberta

Carrie from Alberta

Carrie from Alberta Canada is another brave woman who has health concerns after taking the C19 inoculation. A mother, wife, and daughter of an elderly mother, she has the responsibility of her family to care for. Carrie is left with the possibility of being injured...

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CAERS data is not stored directly on our website server. Our database is facilitated by industry leading software which offers some of the highest security available.

All information is handled according to P.I.P.E.D.A – Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, and all provincial and territorial privacy laws.

All healthcare professionals and associates have signed a non-disclosure agreement to further protect your information.